Billie Eilish Cuts Through the Noise on Her Debut Album

Teen pop sensation Billie Eilish has been making major waves in the music industry for the last three years. Catapulted to fame off of her multi-platinum hit “Ocean Eyes,” Eilish ascended to stardom with only a few loose tracks to her name.

James Blake Conquers Demons, Finds Love on “Assume Form”

Electronic music producer-turned-solo-artist James Blake has been a fixture in the pop and alternative R&B scene for a number of years. While his last record, “The Colour in Anything,” was released in 2016, Blake has kept busy with a number of high

On Thursdays, a New Phonic Phenomenon in WSRN

The resonant hum of a tenor saxophone underlies the fluctuations in rhythm and sound of a chorus of small drums, strings, and vocal expressions. Recited words trade meaning back and forth with a long-necked didgeridoo, as if emboldening each other to be

Lenny Seidman’s ARC: A Reconciliation of Diverse Traditions

Lenny Seidman’s latest project “ARC”a full length performance suite that combines tabla and taiko drumming with contemporary dance and Japanese butoh, was presented at Swarthmore College on October 5th, 2018. “ARC” derives its name from the intention of the performance: to identify

Profiles in Art: Sebastian Dakey

In the United States, most music classes focus on the fundamentals of music theory.  Music education involves the practical discipline, namely how composers create music using composition methods, tuning systems, and musical notation. Musicology, on the other hand, is its undervalued sociological

Music Everywhere – My First Experience of Music at Swat

Needless to say, the Swarthmore’s campus is beautiful. But what’s the most beautiful part of Swarthmore? In my opinion, music is the most beautiful part of Swarthmore. It is found everywhere on campus, from the Crum Woods to Parrish Hall. It is

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