“Donda” Review

After much delay, Kanye West finally released his tenth solo studio album, Donda, on Sunday, August 29 at 8 a.m. It is worth noting the timing of Kanye’s release. First, let’s clarify how album sales are recorded.  Billboard, an American music and

Glimpse the Future of Pop on “Charli”

Charli XCX has always stood alone in the pop world. With one foot in the world of high-gloss pop anthems and the other in the PC music group’s industrial and futuristic “bubblegum bass” aesthetic, Charli’s music up until now has been plagued

“I BEEN BORN AGAIN:” Brockhampton comes back strong with “GINGER”

“When somebody throws you in the fire/ How do you survive?” asks Dom Mclennon on Brockhampton’s newest album, “GINGER.” Since the departure of former bandmember Ameer Vann amidst allegations of sexual assault, the Los Angeles-based collective and self-proclaimed boyband Brockhampton have publicly

Undertow: Revisiting Currents (2015)

The first Tame Impala album that I listened to was “Lonerism,” back in 2014. It was a formative time in my life: I had just entered a high school that had more than 3,500 students and I had been hit with severe

Five Overlooked Albums of 2018

Tierra Whack – Whack World 2018 saw the release of some of the longest and shortest albums in recent memory. Artists such as Migos and Rae Sremmurd released albums with runtimes upwards of 90 minutes, whereas Kanye West produced five albums, including

From “Call Me Maybe” One-Hit Wonder to Gay Icon

Thank you to Emma Miller ’21 for helping me open my third eye and realize the Campus Journal (CJ) and Carly (Rae) Jepsen (CJ) relationship that was always staring me straight in the face. This article is dedicated to her. It started

thank u, NEXT!

In a drunken haze, I heard God. God was a woman indeed. And Her name was Ari. It was Saturday, November 3, 2018, the same day that Pride Month was holding their Reg-GAY-ton party. Reg-GAY-ton, at least for some, was a night

In “Ballads 1,” Joji Makes A Tender Step Forward

How viable is the transition from YouTube stardom to mainstream music success? While controversial stars such as the Paul brothers have expanded their vlogging brand into the musical sphere, Joji is unique among the masses of “content creators” turned performers. Formerly known