On Seeking Help for Depression

Depression can make a person feel sad, hopeless, unworthy, tired or guilty — overall, it’s a horrible feeling. It originates from a combination of predisposed genetics for depression, stressful life experiences, and a lack of dopamine production or reception in brain cells.

Mindfulness is More Than Meditation

When I used to think about mindfulness, I would groan internally, imagining someone sitting under a tree for hours with their eyes closed. This transformed into a deeper dislike for “mindfulness” when my parents forced me to try it. At thirteen, sitting

Depression Does Not Define You

Depression has the annoying habit of hitting you at the worst times, such as right between your college applications, before a big tournament, on your first day of college, or in the middle of finals. The first time it comes, depression could

A Meditation on Meditation

Our society pushes the idea that the more responsibilities we accept, the better and more successful we are. Since we live in a society that demands that we be the best, most fulfilled versions of ourselves, it often feels like we must

Let’s Improve Body Positivity

Celebrities are not the body positive role models women need. I recognize that they have the easiest, fastest access to the mass public and that they may feel as though they are in the best position to point out the inherent flaws

Stop Laughing at Depression

Content Warning: Depression and mental health, Eating Disorders Depression can often be a slippery slope. One negative thought leads to another, which leads to another and another until you feel like you’re suffocating under the weight of all the disappointments you have

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