Sharples voted as the best restaurant on campus

For the 53rd year, Sharples Dining Hall won the Best Cafeteria Award on Swarthmore’s campus. From food quality to sanitation, Sharples won first place in every category of judgment, easily beating out its competitors, a streak that has not been broken since


Dining Services implements changes to meal plan

Dining services will make several big changes starting next fall. Current pilot-programs will be made permanent and changes will be made to the meal plan. Grab-n-go in the Science Center and Sharples to-go will become permanent. In addition to changes that have


Dining services rolls out pilot programs

Dining services is initiating two pilot dining programs to address student concerns with the current college meal plan. The programs, which began on Monday, March 28, moved the Grab and Go option previously available in Clothier Hall to Sci 199, and added

Editorial: A simple solution to a serious problem

On Saturdays, the last meal available at Sharples ends at 6:30 p.m. Officially, parties start at 10, but most revelers arrive much later than that, usually around midnight. This leaves four to six hours between when students on the meal plan eat