The Mathematics of Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a sport of choices. Who do you pass the disc to? Who do you defend? What is the optimal way to score — and win? While making a choice in ultimate frisbee might seem entirely subjective, a number of

A First Year’s Mathematical Errors

Reflecting on my first year, I remember best the innumerable mistakes I made. Not the times I felt proud of myself, but the times I felt ashamed of myself. This story is inspired by one of my freshman mistakes. I want to

Math and Stats Subtracts Math 26 From Curriculum

Beginning in Fall 2019, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics stopped offering Math 26 which covered advanced topics in single-variable calculus.The department began offering the course, designed by Professor Thomas Hunter, in 2004.  Math 26, which bridged the gap between Math 25

Swarthmore Adds Applied Mathematics Concentration for Math Majors

Swarthmore recently announced the new applied mathematics major, a special math concentration utilizing conventional math for use in more specialized fields in many disciplines, including biology, engineering, and physics. On February 8, mathematics professors Nsoki Mavinga and Joshua Goldwyn held an info

Why does my math class have so few girls?

Why does my math class have so few girls? Why did the engineering department here have only one female professor last year? These are the types of questions many girls in S.T.E.M. at Swat tend to ask ourselves. Issues of underrepresentation of