Caitlin Clark Owns the Court

The number-two-seeded University of Iowa unexpectedly triumphed over the number-one-seeded University of South Carolina in the women’s basketball NCAA Final Four match-up on Friday, March 31, thanks to junior guard Caitlin Clark at the Hawkeyes’s helm. The Iowa Hawkeyes faced the undefeated

Iowa Shouldn’t Vote First

Caucus-goers in Iowa participated in the first nominating contest of the 2020 Democratic primary on Monday. A caucus is a party meeting where voters gather to discuss the candidates. Voters don’t fill out a traditional ballot; instead, voters with the same preferred

Finding home

Anyone who has talked to me for more than five minutes knows I am from Iowa. I am proud of my Iowa heritage, and I talk about it a lot. But for me, Iowa is more than just the place I am

In defense of the Iowa caucus

I stood outside my old junior high school in 30 degree weather awkwardly waving to my high school government teacher and those neighbors whose names I just couldn’t remember. I looked up and down the 150 yard line of lively people laughing