The King in Yellow

Despite widespread popularity during his life, American author Robert W. Chambers is now largely unknown. I first encountered him in the place I believe he is most commonly found, as a footnote in writings about far more celebrated author H. P. Lovecraft.

Killing Yourself: The Final Girl in Ti West’s ‘X’

Spoilers ahead! X (2022) is a horror film of the slasher variety directed by Ti West and distributed by A24. Taking heavy inspiration from several of its predecessors like Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) and Psycho (1960), X situates itself in an

“The House” (2022) Review

The last film I reviewed, The French Dispatch, was a compilation of journalistic stories. This week’s film is an anthology of a very different nature. The House (2022) is a British stop-motion animation comprising three distinct sections, each with a different director

On The Horror of “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”

[NOTE: This review contains spoilers.] Charlie Kaufman’s 2020 film, “I’m Thinking of Ending Things,” begins with a woman considering breaking up with her boyfriend, Jake — in other words, ending things. Unfortunately for her, she’s about to embark on a long road