Artist of the Week Miranda Roelandt ’22

As senior Miranda Roelandt described her commencement into film photography, she recalled wanting to find a new way to convey the intersection between natural structures and freeform movement. Through the trial and error of learning film’s technical aspects, such as balancing chemicals

The Batman — An Evolution of the Superhero Blockbuster

Ever since 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” the (controversial, but generally dumb) question of whether superhero movies could be considered “Oscar worthy movies” has been posed. This question has only become more relevant, given that 2008 also birthed the omnipresent Marvel Cinematic Universe

Artist of the Week Jacob Weitzner ’22 on Function and Form

You’ve probably seen Jacob Weitzner ’22 around campus sporting his handmade shoes and pandemic-era shoulder-length hair. Jacob has that indescribable quality that tells you upon first glance that he has a deep connection with nature. It’ll come as no surprise, then, that


On Walking

         The slopes are gentler at Swarthmore. Far from my home of Los Angeles and new to the East Coast experience, I remember an especially formative California adventure: backpacking across Catalina Island. I imagine myself rising and falling on Catalina’s rollercoaster mountains


Poetry, Science, and the Human Condition

In academia these days, it is hard to escape the seemingly stagnant binary set up between STEM and the humanities. For many people, committing to one of these worlds feels like a departure from the other in such a way that renders


EDITORIAL: The Semester in Review: Editors’ Picks

This semester has been a historic one for The Phoenix, with our print newspaper returning from the only period in our 140-year history during which we did not physically print. Additionally, The Phoenix’s website received a much-needed revamp thanks to the skills

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