McCabe Displays International Graphic Novel Collection

Several graphic novels assembled by Hazlett Henderson ’17, who recently received the Newton prize for her collection, are currently being displayed at McCabe Library. “Graphic novels are a really compelling way to tell a narrative. They’re short, but they contain a lot

French colloquium lets students see into world of academia

“Does it matter to you that the ‘philosophe’ is trying to get into the marquise’s pants?” interjected the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities’ Associate Professor Juliette Cherbuliez, at the close of Haverford College’s Associate Professor David Sedley’s lecture on Bernard Le Bovier de

McCabe exhibit tells French immigrant stories

Immigration has exploded in American political discourse, becoming a part of every candidate’s platform and affecting our relations with the outside world. This debate, obviously, cannot be isolated to the United States but rather exists in every country, to a certain extent.

McKinney thoroughly analyzes anti-racist comics in lecture

On Tuesday, March 25 Mark McKinney, a professor of French at Miami University in Ohio, delivered a lecture titled “Antiracist Comics by Charlie Hebdo’s Luz” in the Scheuer Room. This talk, his second at Swarthmore, addressed the specific satirical methods used by