On Anonymous Hate and Reductive Discourse

Last week, many Swarthmore students received emails asking them to join the anonymous app, Looped. The emails specifically referenced discourse about the party scene at Swarthmore. At the same time, many anonymous posts were submitted to the comments section of one of

The Frats Are Gone. What Happens to the Party Scene?

TW: sexual assault, sexual violence Last weekend was the first Saturday after dry week, the date that used to feature the infamous Disorientation party at one of the campus’s two now-disbanded fraternities. For many current and former Swarthmore students, DisO was their

College Releases External Reports, Next Steps To Follow

On August 30, 2019, Jim Terhune, dean of students, released the reports of two separate investigations that the college initiated last May in response to events last semester. One examined the fraternity documents which were reported on by The Phoenix and Voices

2013 DU Minutes, Past Members Provide Window into Culture of Frat

Content warning: sexually explicit language When individuals pledged to now-disbanded Delta Upsilon fraternity at Swarthmore in 2013, they were required to create a separate Gmail account for internal communications. These communications included “minutes” that would contain statements like ‘Grade A USDA Slut’

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