Part 3 of 3: Rachel Takes a Risk*

Rachel had never thought that life could be so much better so soon. She was hanging out with Rose in Classroom 432 at 11 p.m., trying her best to do her musical theater history readings while Rose was visibly struggling to record


Part 2 of 3: Rachel to Rose*

Rachel was staring into the sky through an expressionless glass window, her eyes locked on something on the horizon. An intimidating blanket of dark gray was suspended over her university campus, almost as if the sky consciously wanted to warn everyone of

Part 1 of 3: Rachel’s Trial

At a big university surrounded by the sounds and lights of a city, there was nothing unusual in the air. College students were being let out of their classrooms, and droves of relaxed voices resounded throughout the massive, marble-encrusted hallways, filled with