In Conversation with Warren Snead

Warren Snead is in his second semester as an assistant professor of political science at Swarthmore. He currently teaches Constitutional Law and Politics and Judicial Politics. The Phoenix spoke with Professor Snead about research, graduate school, and his recent arrival at Swarthmore.

A Discussion With Professor Sabeen Ahmed

Sabeen Ahmed is an assistant professor of philosophy and peace & conflict studies. Her areas of focus are the political philosophy of race, philosophy of law, colonial/imperial studies, and the work of Foucault. Some select courses she teaches are Introduction to Philosophy:


Campus Braces For Omicron Variant Surge

As cases of COVID-19 in Delaware county reach extreme highs, students travel back to campus to begin yet another atypical spring semester. President Valerie Smith announced in her Jan. 7 email that the college anticipates high COVID-19 positivity rates — unlike any

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