The Rising Tide of Inflation Arrives at Swarthmore

Upon returning to campus for the Fall 2022 semester, many Swatties were shocked by price increases at dining facilities such as the Science Center Cafe, Kohlberg Coffee Bar, and Essie Mae’s. Most items increased in price due to several economic factors, including

This Swattie Does Not Exist: Meet Randall Zhou ’23!

When Randall Zhou ’23 came to Swarthmore, he was sure that he wanted to devote his time to developing his understanding of American literature and mastering the English language. Nearly two years later, Zhou finds that the freshman who matriculated four semesters


Wait, Seriously? Pink Tax?

The pink tax: it’s probably affecting you right now without you even realising it. Even in the 21st century, women are at a fairly large economic disadvantage compared to men. Not only are women paid less across fields ranging from the theatre

Judy Shelton is a Disastrous Choice for the Federal Reserve

Last summer, President Trump announced that he would nominate Judy Shelton, a conservative economist, to serve on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. The Senate took little action towards confirming her until this month, when the Senate Banking Committee held

In Defense of Economics

“Economics is astrology for guys named Chip.” I am by no means an avid follower of the campus meme page, but I happened to catch this economics joke a few weeks ago while scrolling through my Facebook feed. Unlike most things on

Wilcox Lecturer Shares Merits of Social Democracy

Last Tuesday, students and faculty filled Sci 101 for the Department of Economics’s Wilcox lecture. The Wilcox lecture series is named for Professor Clair Wilcox, who taught at Swarthmore in the 1920s through 60s, was the Economics department chair for many decades,

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