The Phoenix Has A Diversity Problem

We, at The Phoenix, have a diversity problem. Our editorial board and staff are not representative of the diversity of our campus and the world more broadly, and neither have we historically been representative. In the first issue of The Phoenix in

DPA Program Sustains Interest Despite Low Retention

While Diversity Peer Advisors are meant to facilitate dialogue, connect to student groups, and educate their peers on diversity and social justice according to the program’s website, current DPAs feel that the loose structure of the program and small scale of influence

Students’ self-selected pronouns now on faculty rosters

As part of a new policy, students can now input their gender pronouns into MySwarthmore. Those pronouns will appear on faculty rosters, T. Shá Duncan Smith (she/her/hers), associate dean of inclusion, diversity, and community development, announced in an email in December. To

Learning English goodly

Learning English is hard. I really started trying to learn the language when I was in 8th grade. When I was growing up in China, I did not go to an international school, and, at the time, my English class was teaching

A response to “Tensions between recruitment and access”

Dear Leo (News Editor), It is heartening to see The Phoenix join the national conversation focused on inclusion, access and diversity in higher education. Your article, “Tensions between recruitment and access in holistic admissions” (Feb. 11, 2016) offers valuable insights from Dean

Swarthmore Self-Study

The Swarthmore Survey on Learning, Working, and Living is intended to be one method of identifying how members perceive our community, the relationships between people and groups, and the sense of belonging each member experiences. We are aware that some in our