It’s Time To Fix Danawell’s Laundry Room Washouts

The typical Swarthmore student might encounter multiple obstacles when trying to do their laundry on campus. Although it is a positive step to have laundry services included in tuition prices, the college’s few and faulty machines pose considerable challenges. Functioning laundry services

Homecoming in Another Sense

When we write, it is best to write what we know. And not what we think we know, or what we would like to know. What I know is that I just moved into a new dorm, from Dana to Worth. I


Dorm construction to connect Dana and Hallowell

Among the college’s construction projects which include the Matchbox, a new fitness and wellness building, Biology-Engineering-Psychology building, and the Swarthmore Inn to improve on and off-campus space is a plan to link Dana and Hallowell with new dorm rooms and a common


Bonds finance new dorms

This past July, Swarthmore College issued a $47 million bond through the Swarthmore Borough Authority to refinance previous bond issues and to fund the construction of additional dorm rooms connecting residence halls Dana Hall and Hallowell Hall. By law, if the college