College Hosts Inaugural Writers’ Week

Community members can attend virtual readings from a diverse range of authors as part of a week-long series celebrating creative writing. The event, funded through a partnership between the English Department, Cooper Foundation, and the Lang Center, is being spearheaded by Associate

Itoh’s novel tells tale of young woman in wartime Shanghai

After working for years at institutions including the United Nations and the World Bank, Keiko Itoh ’74 decided to return to school to pursue a PhD in economic history, which eventually resulted in her producing a semi-biographical historical novel, “My Shanghai, 1942-1946,”

Finding love and grant money for Occhiolini’s “Phil”

Editor’s Note: This article was changed to remedy a mistake in the name of the childhood friend and love interest of the main character, which changed the implied gender of the character, erasing the fact that the protagonist of the work is

Artist Spotlight: Jacob Oet’s poetic priorities

To describe Jacob Oet ’16 as creative would be an understatement. Dabbling in forms such as photography, film and playwriting, Oet’s pursuits are impressive; however, his main love has always been poetry. Oet is a talented poet who has published five chapbooks

Swarthmore to send five top slam poets to CUPSI showcase

On Saturday, Rose Wunrow ’16 and fellow teammates Haydil Henriquez ’14, Maria Vietyez ’16, Kat Galvis ’17 and George Abraham ’17 amazed a full Science Center 101 with a performance of the work they have prepared to compete at the 2014 College