Did Swarthmore Change or Did I?

Two weeks ago, some percentage of Swarthmore students returned in the freezing weather to another batch of liminal Swarthmore. By liminal Swarthmore, I refer to the mix of synchronous and asynchronous classwork, the long treks to and from Sharples with the chill

New Honor Policy for COVID Testing

As students returned to campus for the start of the spring semester, the college adopted a new COVID-19 testing policy with students responsible for testing themselves twice a week using at-home test kits. This new testing policy is likely more efficient and


College Boosts 85 At First of Three Booster Clinics

Swarthmore held a COVID-19 booster clinic for students, faculty, and staff on Jan. 21 and plans to host three more in February, March, and April, according to Student Health Services Director Casey Anderson.  The college’s push for the Swarthmore community to receive


Campus Braces For Omicron Variant Surge

As cases of COVID-19 in Delaware county reach extreme highs, students travel back to campus to begin yet another atypical spring semester. President Valerie Smith announced in her Jan. 7 email that the college anticipates high COVID-19 positivity rates — unlike any

Give Us Back Pre-COVID OneCard Access

Columnist Zachary Robinson ’20’s piece on Swarthmore’s COVID-19 plan last week pointed out Swarthmore’s persistent, restrictive OneCard policy that bars students from entering dorms in which they do not live and buildings that were previously accessible 24/7 like Sci and Parrish. The

Swarthmore Has Lost Its Culture

We have just passed the midpoint of October, and there has not been one mention of Bocktober. In fact, it seems like Swarthmore has completely lost its “Bock-culture.” Over the past three semesters, the pandemic has caused the student body to fracture.

The Dastardly Delta Conspiracy

While taking a shower a few weeks ago, I glanced up at the shower head and noticed a curious detail: the word “Delta” inscribed on the rim. “Hmm,” I thought. “That’s an odd and unfortunate coincidence, what with the Delta variant going