Despite support, concussed students face pressures

One in five high school students who play contact sports suffer a concussion each year, according to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. To facilitate recovery of concussed students, Swarthmore has a Concussion Team in place to support injured students. However, concussion

Chris Borland breathes life into the NFL concussion debate

The issue of prevalent concussions among football players has been well-documented in recent years, to the point where most news about it starts to look the same. There’s always another study showing the ill-effects of football on the brain, a story about

Concussions an increasing concern for colleges

Recent discoveries concerning neurological issues in football players in the National Football League (NFL) have spawned a nationwide debate about safety in sports. While the NFL has its own class of brutal physical contact, concussions are a pressing issue on college campuses

Football’s Safety Back in Public Debate

One week before the Superbowl is to be played Ed Reed, the Ravens safety, claimed that with the move by the league to prevent injuries through introducing new rules and giving extra protection to offensive players that football will probably not exist