on behalf of Sexual Health Advocates

Jordan Reyes ’19, a Sexual Health Advocate (SHA) who works for the admissions office, was informed by Vice President and Dean of Admissions Jim Bock ’90 on Monday that he could either stop wearing his “I <3 Female Orgasm” t-shirt while working


Deans withhold formerly public CJC statistics

In what administrators say is a bid to make the College Judiciary Committee process more transparent, the college will begin releasing a statistical report on CJC cases each fall. The reports will, they say, break down the cases by category, outcome (whether


CJC case under new policy leaves open ends

Meg* sought adjudication through the College Judiciary Committee (CJC) for forcible penetrative sexual assault in May. Three and a half months after her original complaint, her perpetrator was found responsible and given a two-year suspension — that is, until she is no