Tea Time: Jittery About Jobs

Regardless of class year, Swatties often encounter a dreaded word through our conversations with friends, professors, mentors, parents, or sentient pets — employment. The world after college is full of terrors, and job-searching is probably one of the biggest besides learning to

Working at Swat, Part 1: The Push for an Undergraduate Union

Note: This story is part of an ongoing feature series on labor at Swarthmore. Stay tuned for more about the WA debate, work-study at the college, Swarthmore’s employment policies and the challenges UUWS will face in next week’s Phoenix issue. The United

BRIEF: Delays in payroll cause student dissatisfaction

Delays in the payroll process this past week left many students without their paychecks. Students who have worked since the beginning of the semester must now submit their timesheets late. The lack of spending money during the first part of the year