The Big Table: This Year’s Engineering April Fools Prank

Walking around Swarthmore’s campus on April Fools, you may notice some objects are amiss. This is likely due to the annual engineering April Fools prank held by students. The prank is generally a satirical commentary about some aspect of campus, such as


Farewell to The Phoenix, Hello to The Bhoenix

To commemorate a full year into the painful pandemic, three weeks ago, The [former] Phoenix Editorial Board published a staff editorial entitled “Reflecting on The Phoenix One Year Into the Pandemic.” We reflected on how The Phoenix had changed during that one

Athlete of the week Henry Han ’20

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” The wise words of Babe Ruth are an apt assessment of the basketball game of Henry Han ʼ20. The pickup legend has been unstoppable on the court recently, and just put up an eight-point, 12-rebound,

The Death of Online News

Since 1881, we at The Phoenix have worked tirelessly to write pieces relevant to the Swarthmore community that are informative and conducive to discourse. As we continue to publish, we aim to stay ahead of the curve. It takes visionaries to know

Looking back at the freak injuries of freak athletes

From the first Greek Olympics to modern times with all of today’s technological advancement, athletes have always represented the pinnacle of human physical prowess, modeling their physique and majesty through their unique set of skills. To that end, athletes prepare their minds



In a stunning turn of events, the Board of Managers of Swarthmore College made the decision last weekend to completely divest from the concerns of the college community and invest the college’s entire multi-billion dollar endowment in the rubber duck industry. The

Annual prank brings campus engineers together

On April 1st Swarthmore revealed its newly formed geology department, surprising most students and faculty. The geology department made its first and last formal announcement that they would be drilling for “liquid gold”, which turned out to be free coffee for the

Barkley’s egotism hampers team

“When you think about player of the year candidates you gotta think Jahlil Okafor down in Durham, North Carolina. This kid’s leading the Dukies. I can easily see him in the final four, baby. But hey, don’t ask me. I’ll see you