Athlete of the week Henry Han ’20

Andrew Gilchrist-Scott '16 and Caleb Jones '14 in the Orientation PlayPhoto by Elena Ruyter '14
Andrew Gilchrist-Scott '16 and Caleb Jones '14 in the Orientation Play
Photo by Elena Ruyter '14

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” The wise words of Babe Ruth are an apt assessment of the basketball game of Henry Han ʼ20. The pickup legend has been unstoppable on the court recently, and just put up an eight-point, 12-rebound, zero-assist performance on the court last week. He also asserted his dominance in a brand-new sport, catching multiple dubs on the paintball field last Saturday. We sat down with the larger than life character to try to get inside the mind of a champion.
Jack Corkery: What is your major, and what made you decide to pursue it?
Henry Han: Business major — Everyone’s doing it so I thought I would too.
JC: What has been your top pickup moment so far this year?
HH: My top pickup moment of the year so far was when I threw down an off the backboard three-sixty no-scope windmill dunk over C.J. Cling.
JC: If you had to choose a dream pickup team of two Swatties and two N.B.A. players, who would join your team?
HH: Carmelo Anthony and Joel Embiid are my N.B.A. choices, for obvious reasons. For Swatties, I’d pick N.B.A. legend in a former life, Isaiah Thomas, and a Pub Safe officer, for their shutdown defense during pong games.
JC: You’ve recently exhibited your dual sport abilities with a paintball outing on Saturday. How did your basketball skills help you on the paintball field?
HH: Three-sixty no scopes translate beautifully from the court to the paintball field, no one could see them coming — not even me.
JC: Are the bruises from paintball worth the glory that comes with victory?
HH: What bruises?
JC: Besides yourself, who would you consider in the running for pickup M.V.P. this year?
HH: In the running for pickup M.V.P.? It’s not a close race at all, but I’d say C.J. Cling.

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