Swarthmore Owes Its Students More

It can be difficult to be a student at Swarthmore. You are constantly trying to balance school work, a social life, sleep time, and possibly a job. There is always something that might throw your precariously teetering and hard-earned balance into disarray:

Being smart while female

In the last four or so weeks of classes, I have counted three separate instances of a female academic author being referred to as “he” in my courses. Jennifer Sessions, Alison K. Smith and Judith T. Irvine, your work was so riveting

Affecting change from the ivory tower

Why should your education end with your BA? For many, the prospect of entering the job market implies distancing oneself from academic environments and moving onto more practical career paths. As indicated by the large proportion of students who go on to

The dissonant muse of academic writing

My recent consumption of deficient print media inspired the following opinion, which will address the verbose nature of contemporary stylistic tendencies in academic literature. Perhaps I’ll start again: after reading some awful prose, I’ve decided to talk about wordy academic writing. We’ve