The Phoenix Mission Statement: 2020

As we begin the Spring 2020 semester, The Phoenix editorial board wants to reflect on our purpose and responsibilities as a publication and formally revise our mission statement. Since 1881, The Phoenix has undertaken the task of devoting itself to the best

Looking Back On Fall 2019

As another semester comes to a close, we at The Phoenix are taking time to reflect on this semester’s events and our coverage of them. In this final editorial of Fall 2019, we’re highlighting articles that capture the culture, events, and accomplishments

Breaks Should Be Breaks

Thanksgiving break is approaching, a time that many students spend with family and friends. It’s in the name, yet when the time comes, the last thing it feels like is a break. On many breaks, including Fall and Spring Break, some professors


Ban the Ban

Note: due to concern about online harassment, we have made certain individuals anonymous at their request. Introduction Do you believe that you deserve to know where your money is going? Do you believe in ethical, human-centered investment? Do you believe in holding

Go Vote!

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, residents of Delaware County will vote in local elections. Three positions for County Council are on the ballot, as well as the District Attorney, Judge of the Superior Court, four positions on the Court of Common Pleas, and

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