Weekend roundup

After five whole days of classes, each and every one of you is probably ready for a fresh taste of the air outside the bubble. There is a reason for [...]

College Corner

DG: Where are you from? Kim: Morristown, NJ DG: How did you hear about Swat? Kim: I heard about Swat from other students at my school that had applied here. [...]

Swat summer news roundup

Associate Dean for Student Life Tedd Goundie leaves Swarthmore after twenty years to become Dean of Students at Bates College, Assistant Dean Myrt Westphal assumes his duties... Construction begins on [...]

Summer roundup

The summer roundup is, by itself, in sort of a precarious existential position. How can it purport to cover potential activities for Swarthmore students who will be doing all manner [...]

Spring Fling preview

It's the last day of classes, and if you didn't party it up last night, have no fear Ôcause Spring Fling is here! Promised to be the biggest and the [...]

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