Weekend roundup

This weekend presents yet another opportunity to get off-campus. Already feel like you've been here forever? Enjoy a change of scenery in Philly and other areas surrounding Swarthmore. For the [...]

Weekend roundup

For all of you Swatties not into the traditional party scene available at Paces and DU, Philly awaits you. Ever been curious about Swing dancing? Get a free lesson at [...]

Movie review: “Bright Young Things”

The entertaining new film "Bright Young Things" takes place in 1930s London, where life in high society is one big party, where the witty, the not-so-witty and the hopelessly drunk [...]

Weekend roundup

Due to the dearth of activities on campus this weekend, you Swatties have a chance to get into Philly and explore! Take advantage of this free weekend to put things [...]

Magician Mike Super lives up to his name

On Friday evening, Mike Super took to the LPAC stage for what he called an "interactive magic experience." The show seemed to be a popular choice for that evening's entertainment: [...]