Hip Hop Meets Hindustani: Beneath the Surface

On the Saturday before break, Swarthmore hosted an energizing exercise in musical stylization. The event was sponsored by a youth development program called Blueprints. The organization works with a group of high-school students from Chester, PA to encourage their academic achievements and

Alex Anderson ’13 gives back to Swarthmore campus

It has only been two years since Alex Anderson ’13 walked through this campus as a Swarthmore student, and yet, his career has already taken off. Anderson graduated from Swarthmore in 2013 a Fulbright scholar with a B.A. in Studio Art and

Kemmer Cope ’17 brings web series to campus

Kemmer Cope ‘17 is a Swarthmore admissions counselor’s dream, justifying the college’s brochure-advertised proclivity for cultivating a community where the academic seamlessly melts into the social.  Kemmer Cope is a junior at Swarthmore majoring in Film Studies. Currently, she is producing an

Patricia Park ’03 returns to read from new book

Last Thursday, Swarthmore alumna Patricia Park ’03 returned to campus for a reading of her debut novel, Re Jane, which was released this past May. Re Jane cleverly recasts the classic novel Jane Eyre in a contemporary setting, telling the story of