Congress’ critical role

When Donald Trump takes the oath of office just under two months from now, the Office of President of the United States will enter a new era—one that will thrust it into territory unfamiliar to most of us. In the 25 years

2016 race reaching fever pitch

Nine and a half months ago, Sen. Ted Cruz became the first to announce his candidacy for this year’s presidential election. Since then, nearly 20 others—both Democrat and Republican— have joined him in what has become one of the most unorthodox elections

Ben Carson, what are you thinking?

Mitt Romney’s now-infamous “47 percent” comment, in which he asserted that 47% of the population would vote for President Obama no matter what because they considered themselves victims and were dependent upon government for their basic needs, proved to be a major

It’s not Republicans, it’s lack of compromise

If there is a consensus on anything in the American political landscape — one thing we can agree on — it is this: the Republican Party is in trouble. The rise of anti-establishment figures has brought it to a crossroads between being