Garnet shuttle upgrade improves accessibility

Since the start of this semester, students have enjoyed the two new Garnet shuttles, which were introduced to better accommodate riders with handicaps. The vans are larger and more spacious, with aisles, fifteen reclinable seats, wide entrance doors, and non-slip entry steps.

Interim coordinators hired to oversee student events

Last month, Kyle Miller and Carl Starkey joined the college community as interim Coordinators for Students Activities and Leadership. They will work in the Office of Student Engagement to help students and campus organizations hold events. The employment of Miller and Starkey

Roundtable explores impacts of trigger warnings in academia

This past Tuesday, students, professors, and faculty gathered for a round table discussion about the application of trigger warnings in college settings. The event, Trigger Warnings in the Classroom, featured panelists from a variety of backgrounds delivering their stances on whether and


Calendar changes shorten honors exam period

Last week, Provost Tom Stephenson emailed students and faculty the official academic calendar schedule for the spring of 2017. The new calendar shortens the time between the end of classes and Commencement. The email expresses a specific interest in meeting the needs