The power and promise of divestment

As Arjun Raghuraman ’16 wrote in his column last week, climate change is causing grave harm to millions around the world, and it has similarly an incredibly devastating potential for future destruction. The humanitarian organization DARA estimates that our fossil fuel economy

Clarifying the divestment theory of change

Since its inception at Swarthmore College just three years ago, the fossil fuel divestment movement has grown to over 500 campaigns worldwide, becoming the fastest growing divestment movement in history, and has begun to shift societal conscience and change the discourse around

A game-changer for the climate movement

This was a game-changing weekend for the international climate justice movement. On Sunday, 400,000 people, including 200 from the college, marched through the streets of New York City in what was the largest climate march in history. Hundreds of thousands more joined

Confronting the climate crisis

Later this month, world leaders will gather at the United Nations for an unprecedented climate summit in hopes of drafting an international climate agreement by 2015 to address rising greenhouse gas emissions. The stakes are incredibly high. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on

Reflections on the 2014 Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence

Earlier this month, I traveled to San Francisco State University, the first public university to commit to fossil fuel divestment, where I joined over 200 students from divestment campaigns around the country for the 2nd Annual Student Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence. The