Preventing the United States/China Hunger Game

Since the late 1980’s when China — the kingdom in the middle of the world — began to regain its erstwhile prowess and glory, the world has become more and more obsessed with the very concept of global hegemony. To please and

National security: Not so quiet on the Eastern front

The hope that North Korea would denuclearize was reignited following the Feb. 29 declaration of an agreement sealed in Beijing between the United States and North Korea. On Mar. 27, leaders from more than 50 countries and international organizations convened in Seoul

Understanding China’s rare trade deficit, revisited

On March 10, China’s General Administration of Customs reported that its February monthly trade deficit had reached $31.5 billion, its weakest performance in more than two decades. Chinese imports surged by a faster-than-expected rate of 39.6 percent compared to February last year,

Imagining a world without Henry Kissinger(s)

This month 40 years ago, the world was shaken when President Richard Nixon and his national security adviser Henry Kissinger paid a historic visit to the People’s Republic of China. The visit was an exploration of the possibility of normalizing what would

The Coming Age of Pax Pacifica: chances and challenges

History has witnessed many eras of peace underpinned by a single nation possessing dominant economic and military power. For example, Pax Romana of the Roman Empire, Pax Mongolica of the Mongol Empire, Pax Britannica of the British Empire and Pax Americana of

Farewell to the Dear Leader: a window of opportunity

The passing of North Korean strongman Kim Jong-il on Dec. 18 aroused much fear among the international community about potential provocative behaviors from a nuclear-armed, hunger-stricken North Korea bidding farewell to its Dear Leader. While his father became the Supreme Leader when