Life at Swarthmore is Defined by Uncertainties

How would you summarize your first-year experience at Swarthmore? Would you say it was too academically intense? Would you say it was boring? I will say my first-year experience can be summarized by the word “uncertainties.” The most important lesson I learned

Finding a Place on Campus to Rest and Revive

What are the most important functionalities for the public spaces on campus? The most common concerns are always whether the public areas can satisfy our academic or social needs. Are there enough rooms for us to study quietly? What are the best

Why Should You Consider Early Morning Classes

Have you found that if one course has two sections with the same professor, the earlier section has fewer people? Such a phenomenon is widespread around Swarthmore, and sometimes changing the section can help you get your favorite course instead of being

Why You Should Go to ML Breakfast

I wondered about the food at Swarthmore after I was accepted. I asked some upperclassmen about their impressions of campus food, and I searched comments and complaints about campus food online. It seemed that quite a lot of people didn’t like the

Music Everywhere – My First Experience of Music at Swat

Needless to say, the Swarthmore’s campus is beautiful. But what’s the most beautiful part of Swarthmore? In my opinion, music is the most beautiful part of Swarthmore. It is found everywhere on campus, from the Crum Woods to Parrish Hall. It is