The McCabe experience

Often referred to as “The Cage,” McCabe library inspires a wide range of feelings among the student body, many of which are far from positive. As someone who spends a large portion of my time in McCabe, I can easily see why

Visioning process for spaces on campus continues

The strategic visioning process for spaces on campus is beginning to yield concrete ideas for key areas of improvement that the college can focus on. From the many workshops, committees, and consultations undertaken throughout the visioning process, the college is working to


Increase of Restricted Donations to the Swarthmore Fund

The Swarthmore Fund, which contributes to the college’s operating budget, consists of both restricted and unrestricted gifts by donors. In recent years, gifts to the college are becoming increasingly restricted. Young donors especially are increasingly restricting their philanthropy. Although unrestricted gifts allow

Overcrowding causes concern on campus

The college has been gradually increasing the size of the student body population over the past five years. The increasing number of students presents the potential issue of overcrowded spaces on campus, especially in regards to dining and studying spaces. Students are


College Examines its Spaces

The college is currently undergoing a strategic visioning process for physical space on campus. The process centers around analyzing the student experience to present guiding principles for how space is used on campus over the coming years. “We are really trying to


Dining services rolls out pilot programs

Dining services is initiating two pilot dining programs to address student concerns with the current college meal plan. The programs, which began on Monday, March 28, moved the Grab and Go option previously available in Clothier Hall to Sci 199, and added


Carbon charge to support sustainable projects

Earlier this month, the Board of Managers put in place a new carbon charge for the 2016-2017 fiscal year budget. This carbon charge will levy funds from academic and non academic departments to support sustainable projects. The goal is to reduce emissions