Why Are There So Many Mice in Children’s Literature?

Sitting in Sharples can bring with it any number of fears, but one of the dining hall’s most unpleasant uncertainties is that at any time a little creature may appear. Few people enjoy seeing mice or rats in person, particularly when they

The Failure of West Side Story (2021)

The 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story is one of my favorite movies. I watched it dozens of times as a child; my mother would sing to me “I Feel Pretty,” and my father would hum “Officer Krupke.” The film thus

“The House” (2022) Review

The last film I reviewed, The French Dispatch, was a compilation of journalistic stories. This week’s film is an anthology of a very different nature. The House (2022) is a British stop-motion animation comprising three distinct sections, each with a different director

Artist of the Week Jacob Weitzner ’22 on Function and Form

You’ve probably seen Jacob Weitzner ’22 around campus sporting his handmade shoes and pandemic-era shoulder-length hair. Jacob has that indescribable quality that tells you upon first glance that he has a deep connection with nature. It’ll come as no surprise, then, that

The Problem with “The French Dispatch”

Last fall, my boyfriend went to see The French Dispatch with five of his friends and one of their fathers, who was visiting. Halfway through, he looked over to find that all six of them had fallen asleep.  Now perhaps this is


On The Clothes of Mourning

This summer, I was seized with the need to un-stick myself. I had looked about myself and seen that I was sticking. That my lips were sticking. My ears. My fingers were becoming webbed. I looked down and saw my toes taped

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