Battling Islamophobia, at Swat and beyond

On Thanksgiving day, a taxi driver in Pittsburgh was shot in the back by his passenger because he was Muslim. For some years now, Islamophobic sentiment has been on the rise in the US. Following the Paris attacks just over two weeks

Grappling with misconceptions is not so easy

“Oh, you’re from Pakistan! So does that mean you, like, speak Hindu?” Um, no. I guess people were right when they said that some of the most valuable lessons at Swarthmore occur outside the classroom. One week in, and I had already

Bursting not one bubble, but two

December 16, 2014, two days before I was due to leave campus for winter break, I stood in a room surrounded by fellow Swatties, gathered in a collection for the Peshawar school attacks that had taken place that same day. Militants had

Looking through a new lens

Chester, Pennsylvania. Karachi, Pakistan. 34,000 people in one city, 23.7 million in the other, give or take. I attended Chester 101 during the spring of my freshman year as part of the community-based learning component of my World Religions course. Chester 101