Parties Gear Up For South Carolina House Race

Just when you thought America was done with elections for a while, another race has succeeded in garnering the attention of the national media, spawning a series of attacks and negative ads, and transfixing the attention of political junkies everywhere. What’s unique

Bipartisan Group Presents Immigration Overhaul

On Tuesday, the bipartisan group of Senators known as the “Gang of Eight” released a blueprint for a dramatic overhaul of the way America deals with both legal and illegal immigrants seeking citizenship. Considered long overdue, immigration reform strikes us here at

Gun Control Legislation Stalls In Senate

After the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last December, many expected Congress to temporarily put aside its dysfunction and pass a limited but not inconsequential package aimed at regulating the sale of firearms. However, three and a half months have passed since the

Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases

For both supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage, next week will mark a historic event: the Supreme Court will hear two cases relating to the laws and amendments that seek to limit same-sex marriage and whether liberties protected by the Constitution grant

Sequestration: Proponents, Opponents, And What It Is

Tomorrow, March 1st, is not only the deadline for the dreaded Sophomore Plan, but also the deadline for Congress to act, if it so desires, to avoid a trillion-dollar slate of automatic spending cuts. The “sequestration,” as it is called, was set

Kentucky Senate Race Shaping Up To Be Battleground

The 2014 Senate elections are likely to keep Democrats on the defensive. During the Democratic wave of 2008, the party won or held several seats in traditionally red states such as Alaska, South Dakota and North Carolina. Given the high number of

Exit Hillary Clinton: The Secretary of State and Her Legacy

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most beloved politician in America. While Barack Obama’s presidency polarized the nation and suffered from low approval ratings throughout much of his first term, the Secretary of State has maintained sky-high favorability. Though only days have passed


Thanksgiving Week Crossword

“Thanksgiving” ACROSS 1. Closeby 5. Video-chat 9. Sicilian volcano 10. Protagonist 11. Disposable handkerchief, in the singular 13. __ Bean, clothing brand 15. Thanksgiving dessert 17. Pirate affirmative 18. Military vehicle 19. “Saddle” between two mountains 21. Thanksgiving dish of light and

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