The Last Duel: A Modern Classic with an Ancient Lens

CW: Sexual Assault “The Last Duel” premiered on Sept. 10, 2021, showcasing its Akira Kurosawa-esque tale of the historic last judicial trial by duel in 1386 France. The story leads the audience through an interpretation of the events of the time, showing

Do Not Ask Sharples What’s For Dinner Tomorrow

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day when a photo from @swatmemes_ came up, which joked “Never Ask A Woman Her Age / A Man His Salary / Sharples What’s For Dinner Tomorrow.” I found this funny because I

Did Swarthmore Change or Did I?

Two weeks ago, some percentage of Swarthmore students returned in the freezing weather to another batch of liminal Swarthmore. By liminal Swarthmore, I refer to the mix of synchronous and asynchronous classwork, the long treks to and from Sharples with the chill

A Gap in Group Leadership

The Phoenix is a student-published paper that has been in print since 1881. In its time, it has fostered students’ passion for writing, arts, politics, and whatever else drove people to put pen to paper. It has been the proving ground for


A Performance Artist Sees His Work on Display

Two weekends ago, the Kitao student gallery hosted an in-person gallery event with art and boba for the Swarthmore campus community. Students lined up for the chance to go through the studio and look at the paintings, installations, and photos. The theme

Reimagining the Purpose of Clubs during the Pandemic

Undoubtedly the pandemic has changed Swarthmore campus life in an academic, social, and cultural setting. We all know classes are going online and people will be chatting over Zoom or meeting socially distanced to fill some of the void, but how is

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