No Kingdom come for “Jesus is King”

TMZ headlines, hot takes, countless tweets, and a flurry of social media speculation: a new Kanye West album is upon us. 2018 proved to be an abnormally prolific year for the MC/producer. Usually the type to release projects every two to three

Glimpse the Future of Pop on “Charli”

Charli XCX has always stood alone in the pop world. With one foot in the world of high-gloss pop anthems and the other in the PC music group’s industrial and futuristic “bubblegum bass” aesthetic, Charli’s music up until now has been plagued

“I BEEN BORN AGAIN:” Brockhampton comes back strong with “GINGER”

“When somebody throws you in the fire/ How do you survive?” asks Dom Mclennon on Brockhampton’s newest album, “GINGER.” Since the departure of former bandmember Ameer Vann amidst allegations of sexual assault, the Los Angeles-based collective and self-proclaimed boyband Brockhampton have publicly

Billie Eilish Cuts Through the Noise on Her Debut Album

Teen pop sensation Billie Eilish has been making major waves in the music industry for the last three years. Catapulted to fame off of her multi-platinum hit “Ocean Eyes,” Eilish ascended to stardom with only a few loose tracks to her name.

In Shedding Old Sounds Flume Hits His Stride

Australian producer Flume has been gradually making a name for himself over the last seven years. Bursting onto the scene in 2012 with his self titled album and a hit remix of the Disclosure track “You & Me,” Flume eventually followed up

Solange Says Less, Feels More on “When I Get Home”

The accompanying short film to Solange’s most recent album, “When I Get Home,” opens with the artist draped in jewels, standing motionless in front of an imposing painting by Mark Rothko. The spectacle undoubtedly calls to mind Beyonce and Jay Z’s recent

James Blake Conquers Demons, Finds Love on “Assume Form”

Electronic music producer-turned-solo-artist James Blake has been a fixture in the pop and alternative R&B scene for a number of years. While his last record, “The Colour in Anything,” was released in 2016, Blake has kept busy with a number of high

Five Overlooked Albums of 2018

Tierra Whack – Whack World 2018 saw the release of some of the longest and shortest albums in recent memory. Artists such as Migos and Rae Sremmurd released albums with runtimes upwards of 90 minutes, whereas Kanye West produced five albums, including

Visions of London

If we decide that, at its core, photography is most fundamentally concerned with capturing light, then a trip to London, that city of perennial grayness, presents a unique challenge. In my experience, the effect of London on the photographic eye is twofold.