Top 10 Off-Campus Day Trips

As the school year dies down and summer approaches, it’s a good time to procrastinate completely on all your looming responsibilities and instead enjoy a nice trip off campus. “But where?” you ask. “Is there anything in Pennsylvania beyond Quakers and trees?”

Lost, Found and Lost Again

After “temporarily misplacing” my AirPods for what’s conservatively the tenth time this semester, I paid a visit last week to the McCabe lost & found. While I unfortunately didn’t find my missing earphone pieces there, the lost & found was quite full



         Before dawn on Thursday, Feb. 24, the fragile peace that had governed Europe for nearly 25 years broke suddenly with bombs and airstrikes. The Russian government had declared a “special military operation” in Ukraine (code for the violent invasion of a


Wining, Whining, and Winning at the CO-OP

Since 2020, the Swarthmore CO-OP has offered a selection of beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages, helping to fulfill the needs of a campus with a substantial student body living entirely off of repressed feelings and Natty Light. My experience with alcohol

A Defense of Willets

“I live in Willets.” “I’m so sorry for you.” That’s the response I usually get. Mention my dorm and I get comments about never-ending noise, the smell of certain medicinal plants, and the lack of A.C. And to be completely fair, those