A plea for decency: alcohol and assholes

First scenario. You’re at Paces on a Saturday night. You’ve never been sweatier. You see someone cute. You go up to them and you talk to them. You ask to dance. They say yes. You try to maneuver dancing without spilling your

In memoriam: where has all the Crunk gone?

As many nostalgic seniors reminisce about the good ol’ days when Pub Nite was a necessity and the DJ fund was limitless, one tradition that seems to fade into the background is possibly the craziest tradition of them all. A tradition that

Beloved Labor seminar runs one last time

There are few things Swarthmore students are known for more than strong work ethic and passion for social justice. Professor of History Marjorie Murphy’s Honors seminar Labor and Urban History seem to tie those things together perfectly. Murphy, who has taught at