The difference between Sharples and home

It’s thirteen or fourteen years ago, and it’s someone’s birthday. My dad’s spatchcocking two small but plump game birds that our neighbor brought back in the flatbed of his truck. This early spring, the air in the kitchen smell of herbs as

The proof, and tradition, is in the pie

Pie, like the holidays it is a staple of, is steeped in tradition, synonymous as it is with ideas of legacy, patriotism and even a certain folk aesthetic. Pie is homey, warm and unintellectual. Without a doubt, my Grandma has informed my

Consider the pig and the ethics of meat-eating

It’s time that we closely examine what we eat. We must begin to recognize that the food on our plate has greater implications, not only for our bodies, but also for subsequent generations. So often, in a world that doesn’t commune with

Against Food Porn

Some will see this article, in light of the views I’ve espoused in pieces past, to be the final straw. They will submit their case for changing the title of this column from the “The Edible Thinker” to “The Crotchety Grandpa” in

Buzzing About Barbuzzo

A good meal is alchemy: the best company with fantastic food in the right atmosphere at the right time and in the right place. If all these things align like an auspicious arrangement of celestial bodies, you’re in for something that is

Not WOWed By Imitation Butter

It’s certainly true that technology and food are irreparably bound up. If you want to be strict about it, the very thing we call agriculture—modern or ancient—constitutes a technological advancement over the prehistoric days of hunting and gathering. Of course, the idea

A new case for veganism

It’s time for a new justification for veganism—one that willfully neglects the old strategies of conversion. That veganism is healthier or better for the environment than other ways of eating is probably at least slightly if not completely true, but is ultimately