Women’s Soccer Continues Hot Streak into NCAA Sweet 16

On the familiar turf of Clothier Field this past weekend, the Swarthmore women’s soccer team defeated both St. Joseph’s College of Maine and Virginia Wesleyan University, launching themselves into the third round of the NCAA tournament. The Garnet, now ranked No. 12

Garnet Volleyball Set Sight on History

For the Swarthmore women’s volleyball team, topping last season’s accomplishments will be a tall order. The Garnet were crowned NCAA Regional champions, boasted a 24-8 record, and were Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions. Arguably, 2017 was the best season in the program’s history. Despite

Life as an International Student-Athlete

Swarthmore boasts a diverse student body, full of students with all sorts of talents, interests, and backgrounds. Although only 1640 undergraduates are enrolled at Swarthmore, 53 countries are represented at the college. Along with the distinct student population of Swarthmore comes a

Men’s Soccer Kicks off New Season

Cold morning practices and grueling gym sessions defined many Swarthmore men’s soccer players’ spring semester in 2018. As unappetizing as it sounds, these workouts were not mandatory or organized by the coaches. Every session was designed and run by players, as NCAA

Champions League continues through semi-finals

The UEFA Champions League Tournament has been whittled down to four remaining teams. Coincidentally, these four teams all hail from different domestic leagues in Europe. There’s Real Madrid, the two-time defending winners of the tournament from Spain’s La Liga. There’s Bayern Munich,

Champions League Quarterfinals Continues

The Champions League, the world’s most esteemed club football tournament, has started up again after a short, 3-week hiatus between the Round of 16 and quarterfinals. Looking back on my previous Champions League projections I can confidently say that my predictive ability

Loyola Chicago storms its way to the Final Four

Every March, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament captures the attention of sports fans. Millions make brackets, attempting to correctly predict the outcomes of 67 games, or at least come close to that number. No one ever does. After all, it

Swarthmore men’s basketball advances to the Sweet 16

The Swarthmore men’s basketball team has been on the rise for years now. In fact, in the 2015-2016 season, the team had its first winning season since the 1996-1997 season. Much of the recent success enjoyed by Swarthmore men’s team has been

Champions League round of 16 begins

European football’s most prestigious tournament, the Champions League, is in its most exciting stage, the Knockout Round of 16. There are 16 teams in this round, each playing another team in a two-legged matchup, one game at home and one game away.