Incoming Dean of Students Liz Braun

Rebecca Chopp announced Tuesday that Liz Braun, currently the dean of students at Mt. Holyoke College, will serve as Swarthmore's Dean of Students beginning next academic year. The Gazette had a phone conversation with her Wednesday about her thoughts on the selection.

Dean Search Q&A – Candidate 1

Around forty students gathered in Kohlberg last night to meet one of four final candidates being considered to be the new Dean of Students at Swarthmore.

Cracking the College Enforcement Initiative

The raid by state police on a party at Haverford College and the "College Enforcement Initiative" cited in part as the raid's cause have put many members of the college community on edge. Many questions have emerged to order the confusion generated

Better Know the News: Spring 2009 News Summary

Let's be honest: after you turn in your last final, thinking about all the messed-up drama that our small, (beloved?) liberal arts college can sometimes rouse up is... well... probably the last thing you want to do. Seeing that word on the

HR Plans Pay Category Changes for Student Jobs

According to a draft proposal obtained by the Daily Gazette, Human Resources has proposed student pay category changes to 69 student job definitions at the college. All but four are downgrades; nine shift down two pay categories, from category 3 to category

“12 Angry Men” Rebirths Classic

After I see a play—any play—I ask myself: “Could I have just _read_ it instead?” The value of translating the words of the playwright from the Cartesian Theatre to the actual theatre—to living flesh and blood—is often unclear, and the uninspired performance

Tollefsen Argues “A Philosophical Case Against Abortion”

Jack Keefe from the Daily Gazette and Martha Marrazza from The Phoenix sat down with bioethicist Christopher Tollefsen after his lecture and Q&A session to discuss further consequences and extensions of his argument, and his opinions on recent technological and legislative developments

Biology Professor Colin Purrington

The Gazette sat down with associate professor of biology Colin Purrington to chat with him about the 200th anniversary of Darwin Day, a holiday taking place February 12th to celebrate the birth of biologist Charles Darwin and, more importantly, the understanding and