On the Value of Breakfast

I have three meals almost every day. While lunch and dinner give me study breaks and are always welcome, breakfast is by far the best meal. I rarely, if ever, skip breakfast, and tend to make it the best tasting meal of

Embracing Our Birthday Suits

Even though nudity is one of the most natural and normal things a human can experience, American society has been in the business of censoring it for a long time. As modesty began to take deep roots in our human psyche, we

A Sweet Take on Candy Corn

Fall is fully upon us now, which means candy corn has finally begun to grace store shelves. Although this is something I personally see as a delight, I am acutely aware that candy corn really irks some people. Whilst many people think


Say Boo to Halloween

October has descended upon us, and we all know what that means — pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and general spookiness. To cap off this long month, America has adopted an old Celtic celebration, now known as Halloween. However, this celebration is merely

On Body Image and Bloating

Human bodies can act in unique and sometimes weird ways. In the wise words of John Oliver, “Frankly, I am embarrassed to have one.” However, since I am stuck with this body, I want to actually learn to live well with it,

It’s Time to Get Rid of Gendered Bathrooms

I am a cis woman, so I have never had to give much thought to my choice of bathroom. In fact, it wasn’t until I got to Swarthmore three years ago that I even encountered the idea of gender-inclusive restrooms, which are

“The Cursed Child” Brings Magic to Life

One point that I have found to be absolutely amazing about Swarthmore is that almost all Swatties can immediately bond over Harry Potter. And it’s not just Swatties who can share this bond. This past Winter break, at an externship, my mentor

A Meditation on Meditation

Our society pushes the idea that the more responsibilities we accept, the better and more successful we are. Since we live in a society that demands that we be the best, most fulfilled versions of ourselves, it often feels like we must

A Border Wall Will Only Inspire More Fear

President Trump’s campaign hinged on extreme right-wing rhetoric. One of the most celebrated tenets of this rhetoric was his idea to build a border wall. Shouts of “Build the wall!” can still be heard from the mouths of Trump supporters, as has

Everyone Should Get Vaccinated

Anti-vaxxers seem to have recently risen from the ashes of misinformation campaigns, and their voices are seemingly louder now than ever before. They refuse to vaccinate their children and are often regarded as evil, uneducated individuals who could not possibly want the

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