‘Moxie’ Reviewed: I’m Not Upset, Just Disappointed

In the film adaption of the book with the same title, Moxie (Amy Poehler, 2021) follows 16-year-old Vivian (Hadley Robinson) as she publishes an anonymous zine in response to sexism at her school. The movie begins with Vivian, an introverted junior, struggling

Comic Workshop: Carey Pietsch

On Friday, March 12, Swarthmore’s libraries continued its hosting of comic artists with a Swarthmore alum, Carey Pietsch ’10. Pietsch is best known for working on “The Adventure Zone” series of graphic novels based on the Dungeons and Dragons podcast “The Adventure

A Week in the Entertainment Awards: Grammy Results

On Sunday, March 14, The Grammys finally happened. The 2021 Grammy nominations were released in late November, about two months before the “biggest night in music” is usually set to take place. Despite the tradition of American entertainment, award shows have felt


Garrett Bradley talks ‘TIME’

On Monday, February 22, the Bryn Mawr Film Institute began its Strange Truth 2021 documentary series with a showing of Garrett Bradley’s award-winning film, “TIME” (2020). A talk with the director, Bradley, and moderator, Swarthmore Professor Nina Johnson of the sociology department,

TOAP: Swarthmore’s Production Ensemble Goes Virtual

Marketed as a webinar aimed to change your life, I knew little of The Theater of All Possibilities prior to entering the show. Swarthmore’s website seemed intent on keeping me in the dark, describing TOAP as “a method, a community, and a

The King: Netflix Tried

As the screen went black, my neck cracked in a few places, and a light timorous applause arose, all I could immediately recall was Robert Pattinson’s awful French accent.  In 2013, Warner Bros. announced that director David Michôd (Animal Kingdom, multiple awards,