Itoh’s novel tells tale of young woman in wartime Shanghai

After working for years at institutions including the United Nations and the World Bank, Keiko Itoh ’74 decided to return to school to pursue a PhD in economic history, which eventually resulted in her producing a semi-biographical historical novel, “My Shanghai, 1942-1946,”

Review: Tiyé Pulley ’19 finds “The Way Out”

Tiyé Pulley ’19 introduced his debut EP, “The Way Out,” by reading a deeply personal account of the recording process of the project. His note tells the story of the trials and turmoil that birthed this EP. Almost the entirety of the

Orientation Play evolves to welcome the Class of 2020

After a week of classes, the Welcome Play, commonly known as the Orientation Play, returned to campus, bringing a candid and cautionary take on campus life for new students and plenty of laughter for the whole audience. The play, traditionally performed in

Worthstock Weekend ’16 arrives amid confusion

During this upcoming weekend the college will host Worthstock Weekend ‘16, this year’s iteration of the annual spring celebration featuring music, food, and overwhelming relief for the end of classes. Worthstock Weekend ‘16 will take place from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Band Profile: Modern Rhombus

Modern Rhombus is an all-senior student band composed of RJ Tischler ’16, Dan Creem ’16, Tyler Welsh ’16, and Joe Boninger ’16. Boninger plays lead guitar with Tischler on rhythm guitar, Creem on Bass, and Welsh on drums. The indie/alt rock band


GOODGOODNOTBAD is a student band spanning all four current class years and several musical genres. The band is made up of drummer Stefan Laos ’17, bassist RJ Tischler ’16, saxophonist Sam Wallach Hanson ’18, and rappers Harsha Sen ’19 and Tiyé Pulley

“Oriented” film shows intersectional perspectives

Last Tuesday, the documentary “Oriented”, produced and directed by Jake Witzenfeld, was screened as a result of sponsorship from the Peace and Conflict Studies and Sociology and Anthropology departments, as well as the Lang Center for Civic and social responsibility. The film

LPAC photo exhibit humanizes refugees

Last Tuesday, the photography exhibit “Humanizing Humanity: A Day in the Life of a Refugee”, opened in the lobby of the Lang Performing Arts Center. The exhibit features images of refugees taken by several photographers which are displayed alongside short pieces of