A unique treatment of humanity and violence

This past Sunday night millions of viewers of “Game of Thrones,” including those at a Sci 101 screening, regaled in the death of — well, I’ll try to make this column spoiler-free. The death of a certain antagonist who had it coming

Dialogue needed on mental health

Earlier this semester, I had the opportunity to speak with Barry Schwartz, professor of psychology, about his take on mental health in the Swarthmore community. During our conversation, we spoke about the increasingly stressful environment at Swarthmore since the beginning of his

In defence of fan fiction

In middle and high school, when my friends and I weren’t studying or listening to angry music, we wrote fan fiction. We could fill whole notebooks in a matter of days from writing fan fiction stories with each other or trading “plotbunnies,”

Confronting religion as an agnostic

My relationship with religion can best be described as on-and-off. I was not raised as a church-goer, and for much of my life I have identified myself as an agnostic theist — that is, someone who believes in a religious deity, but

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