H1N1 Vaccine Received; Free Clinic Tuesday

The College has obtained the much-awaited H1N1 vaccine; a free clinic will take place Tuesday from 9am to 6pm. Although the first wave of flu has passed, Director of Student Health Services Beth Kotarski warned that there will almost certainly be new

The 8 Million Dollar Question

The Ad Hoc Financial Planning Group has been tasked with finding $8 million to cut from the annual budget. They have come up with a proposal for $6.85 million worth of cuts, and are currently seeking feedback from the community on their

Theater, Arts, Asian Food, and Dancing

This weekend has more options than you might think, between the still-continuing Philly Fringe, the 24-hour theater festival right here, the nearby Lansdowne local arts festival, and much more.

Daniel Cho ’13 and Philmon Haile ’13

There's something of a tradition at the Gazette of profiling an incoming student, to bring the rest of the community an annual dose of nostalgia and to make the hundreds of new faces on campus that much more human to the rest

President Rebecca Chopp

Rebecca Chopp, the College's new President, took the reins from longtime president Al Bloom after the class of 2009 graduated. As students return to the beginning of the school year, the Daily Gazette sat down with her for a talk about what

Past Presidents: David Fraser

With Al Bloom heading off to NYU Abu Dhabi after the current crop of seniors graduates, the Daily Gazette spoke to his two predecessors about their experiences at and after Swarthmore. The last three presidents have all gone on from Swarthmore to

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