Intros, Bike Share, Facilities Work, and Email Lists

Student Council had its first weekly meeting of the year this Sunday evening. Council members introduced themselves and the Council’s work to students in attendance, then discussed short- and long-term goals for StuCo, talked about issues with the Bike Share program, gave updates on changes in the College’s facilities, and held a conversation about access to student email lists particularly as it pertains to the Daily Gazette and the Phoenix.

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David Clark ’66 on the Internet: How Technology Affects Society, and Vice Versa

David Clark ’66, one of the primary developers of the Internet, spoke on how society affects the technology of the Internet. Technical design decisions made in the seventies have had profound impacts on enormous businesses today, but now, “the technologists are no longer in charge”: the protocols must conform to social and legal boundaries that were never predicted earlier in development.

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New Dean of Students, Liz Braun Meets StuCo

The Student Council meeting this week revolved around the visit from Liz Braun, who was recently announced to be the new Dean of Students, beginning in July. She discussed with Council about how the two can best interact in the future, answered questions about how she expects to work with students, and asked questions about various aspects of Swarthmore. She also had some details on the process of replacing Deans Sams and Wilcox.

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