Is FIFA a mass killer?

Qatar’s successful bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup has all the makings of a great underdog story.  A small country from a region that has has traditionally been a soccer backwater throws together an ambitious plan to build nine new stadiums.

Irregular conflict and cartel dynamics in “The Wire”

“The Wire,” praised as the best TV series of all time, has inspired its fair share of academic analysis. Multiple universities have devoted entire classes to exploring themes such as poverty and drug policy through the medium of David Simon’s creation. The

The future of atrocity prevention and response

The next twenty years will be an exciting time for the concept of early warning. I believe the same applies to atrocity prevention and mitigation. The idea of early warning, and certainly quantitative early warning, is in its infancy. There is a

Robert George will not create community

The build-up to the Robert George and Cornel West-led collection has been dominated by discussion of George’s association with the National Organization for Marriage and his many troubling statements on queer people.  Unfortunately, very little breath has been spent on how exactly

The problem with following mass atrocities

I’m probably biased, but when I think about the worst suffering humans can endure, it’s hard to think any further than mass atrocities.  Not only does it connote terrible hardship on the part of the victims, it also demonstrates a capacity for

From genocide to mass atrocities

In 1943, Polish resistance member Jan Karski secured a meeting with American Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter. Karski was desperate to find a sympathetic audience for the intelligence he had obtained by sneaking into Nazi concentration camps. At the time, there was

Understanding the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In his article “The Price of Precious,” which recently appeared in National Geographic’s October issue, Jeffrey Gettleman attempts to tell the story of how minerals mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) make their way into our electronics.  Drawing on

Reconciling theories of natural violence

Stanley Milgram, Christopher Browning, Dave Grossman and Randall Collins have all provided important contributions to the academic debate on the attitudes of humans toward violence. All of these projects have attempted to answer the same question: “How willing are we to commit